Knackered to Kickass

Quick workouts for busy people to help them kickass in life, career, business and relationships


Did you know that the happier you are, and the more confident you are, and the more in control you feel, the better your life will be?

It is a cycle.

Exercise = feeling of in control= more energy = less stressed= happier= more motivated= More confidence= more oomph for life!


A BETTER YOU that will get you more out of life and making you a person that people and opportunities will be attracted too.

Why go through life feeling sluggish and not happy with yourself and saying no to opportunities because of how you feel? You have one life and I WILL make you get more from it

RIGHT! Let's get to the point! Are you any of these people?

1) busy people

2) the people who think they don't have time

3) are too tired or too lazy

4) people who need more instant energy at work

5) people who could do with my motivation and nagging

6) people who need more confidence

7) people who need to improve their results in their business

8) people who are anxious

9) people who have dips in energy throughout the day

10) people who always make excuses

11) people seeking to be the best versions of themselves

12) people who put everyone and everything else before themselves

13) people that always feel stressed or have low patience

14) people that get home from work and are too tired to exercise or eat well

15) the parents that get no me time and collapse at night

16 ) the people wishing they could get more out of their day and life

If yes, then you need me and Knackered to Kickass in YOUR LIFE!

This is for the people that want to be Kickass

  • in life
  • in work
  • in relationships
  • at dealing with stress
  • at parenting

We will help you become the happier and more energetic you by providing anytime access to

  • Quick workouts. And I mean quick!
  • good habits good habits good habits
  • a new way of thinking so that you get movement into your day without knowing it. Do it and I guarantee those around you will also want to be doing what you are doing
  • office, hotel and home workouts
  • out and about workouts
  • live workouts
  • lunch break workouts
  • Workout ideas to provide instant energy when you are flagging at work or feel anxious
  • quick tips and ideas to get those calories burnt
  • Basic food ideas for the busy on the go person
  • weekly challenges and motivation
  • trackers and measurement charts
  • tip sheets
  • a what to eat guide with a 14 day basic plan.
  • and a community group where you will get my nagging
  • and of course
  • the happier, slimmer more toned you.

We are a monthly programme that will give you

  • 3 BRAND NEW workout videos a week ( 5 minutes long) that you have to complete over 5 days to wake you up and feel energised. These are to be done either stand a lone or on top of your current workouts
  • Every Monday or Saturday a NEW weekly QUICK challenges will be posted with a focus on bringing up your energy, motivation and confidence
  • A 14 day food model to follow to fuel a more energised you
  • A page of snack ideas to keep your energies constant and your waistline down
  • A page of ideas and tips to make your busy life more active
  • A measurement tracker
  • BONUS WORKOUTS: longer workouts, gym workouts, glute strengthening and back releasing workouts, office workouts.
  • And the important bit. The community page where you will be motivated and where you can get access to Laura herself. A community where we will get into your mind and help program you to healthier ways.

All this and access to Laura’s energy, nagging, motivation and ideas for the price of a coffee a week, or one medium priced bottle of wine a month, or one coffee and cake out a month, or one purchased lunch a month.

So, don’t be one of those that will say in 6 months time “I wish I was fitter or slimmer”.

Start now, you have nothing to lose, I PROMISE!

Start now and I will see you over our side, the kickass side, where we all commit to making the most of our life. The happier you are with yourself, the happier your life will be.


I only want to work with people that WILL put trust in my quick methods and follow through, as those are the people that will see an improvement in their life.

Have a great day!

Love Laura

Get started now!

Your Instructor

Laura Warren
Laura Warren

Laura Warren knows what it is like to be busy because she is a single mum of two, a multiple business owner, part time Pe teacher and International Athlete. She knows every trick of the trade when it comes to fitting health, wellness, fitness and positivity into the days.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and can be cancelled at any time you choose! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
What Do I need to follow the course
A phone, a computer or a tablet with wifi. No other equipment needed. You will have access to all the content via your login details and our facebook group if you wish to join in with that support too.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Am I too unfit, or too fit for this? Am too old or too young?
Each exercise is adapted for your fitness level. So you pick which option you want to do. You work the effort you want. And you also get access to Laura if you have a niggle you need addressing :)